Children's Ministry

Children's Church

 K-4th Grade: During the sermon in the morning Worship Service

Every person is a “work in progress” and at Calvary Church, we want to help children be built up into strong boys and girls who love Jesus and want to follow him.

Led by an equipped team of volunteers, our Kids Under Construction children’s discipleship program takes boys and girls on an adventure through God’s word. Whether singing, baking, crafting, acting, memorizing scripture, or playing games, children have fun learning about God, the Master Builder and his plan or blueprint for their lives.

In years one and two, they'll learn about the Master's Plan and the Master's Tools, exploring who God is and how he reveals himself through the Bible. In years three and four, the boys and girls continue Laying the Foundation for their faith, learning to see Jesus as the cornerstone, and see the Master's Framework being built in us all through the work of the Holy Spirit. The curriculum wraps up with a look at the Master's Touch and His desire to reach the whole world with His good news as shown to us in Jesus Christ and the gift of His Holy Spirit.

Our aim is to introduce boys and girls to God’s Holy Word and to demonstrate that following Jesus is an exciting, life changing experience.