THYME (40 years +)

(That’s How You Meet Everyone)

The seniors have a stage at SAGE. Kids are Under Construction on Sundays and being shaped into men and women of God on Mondays at Pioneer Girls & Boys Brigade. Our youth are in Youth Group on Sunday nights. “20-Somethings” are connecting on Tuesday evenings.

What if I am just shy of being able to pull off the “20 Something” moniker but not quite in the SAGE stage of life? Then it is time for THYME.

THYME is a fun way to connect with folks in their 30-50’s. From mini-golf to banquets, game nights to costume parties, THYME lets you let your hair down and get to know who’s who in the zoo! THYME meets several times a year. Check out the church calendar for the next fun THYME, or call the office for more details.