Our Vision

We aspire to build a loving, multi-generational community of people who are Christlike in our worship, edification, and mission.


We seek to live this out in the following ways:

Encountering God:
 Worship marks our community, because it is in worship that we encounter the living God. The Bible tells us that God is looking for worshippers: people who bring their lives before Him and say “yes” to Him. At Calvary Church, we want to foster an awareness of the presence of the living God, both corporately and personally, and encouraging people to say "Yes!" to Him.

Building the Body: Edification is a rich word that expresses the shared responsibility of building one another up. It includes discipleship but also relationship. It includes encouragement but also admonition. It's laughing together but also crying together. All this takes place when we see high school kids connecting around the Bible and games and snacks. It happens when younger kids are burning off tons of energy and learning about the life that Jesus wants for them. The body is built up when adults come together throughout the week to be with others and journey together in their faith. In all we do, we are intentionally growing people in Christ-likeness, people who will do the same in others.

Loving Our Worlds: Mission is the privilege of every believer to make Jesus Christ known. Whether in our neighborhood or on the other side of the world, we want to proclaim and demonstrate that Jesus Christ died and was raised for us to bring us to God and to release his Spirit to renew us to the person, life, and relationship that God intended. We think this is great news, and want to make sure it gets out.

All this is what we aspire to be and to become. We are not perfect, but as a community we are growing more and more like Christ. Through His empowering Holy Spirit and by his grace, we are growing in His likeness. The challenge is great, but His grace is greater!