Christian Service Brigade

Where boys are mentored and discipled to grow in their God-given potential.

Monday Evenings
September – May  |  
6:45 - 8:15 pm

Led and mentored by men from our church, each week boys from ages 5 to 18 experience adventure-packed, action-filled times together that draw them closer to God and equip them to be our leaders of tomorrow. In all groups, the goal is to;

  • Guide tomorrow’s leaders to the Lord
  • Guide tomorrow’s leaders to the Word of God
  • Guide tomorrow’s leaders to Christian maturity
  • Guide tomorrow’s leaders to the local church

In addition to the weekly meetings, the boys go camping in the fall and/or spring, and take trips to local historic sites or sporting events. Christian Service Brigade is divided up into three groups for boys of all ages.

Tree Climbers –  Grades  K - 2

Our youngest group spends quality time with their dads and other adult Christian men. Together, men and boys have fun, learn about God's creation and grow closer to God and each other. During their time together, the dads help their boys grow spiritually and just have fun with games, crafts, Scripture memorization, and stories. Tree Climbers works to bring fathers and sons together and is also a great time of fellowship.

Stockade – Grades  3 - 6

Stockade is a weekly opportunity for guys to spend time with guys. Adult Christian men serve as role models for these boys, demonstrating Christian manhood in action and attitude. There is something for everyone, with fun and games, but also activities for the boys that involve exciting growth experiences; physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

Boys won’t want to miss this fun-filled evening and will definitely be counting the days until the next Monday evening meeting!

Battalion – GradeS  7 - 12

Here’s where boys are becoming men under the guidance of men who know what it means to fear God and walk in his ways. Battalion is a discipleship-centered program where Christian men build personal relationships with teen guys and mentor them to be effective Christian leaders through Bible studies, service projects and personal leadership experiences. These 12-18 year-old young men grow in being leaders by leading their peers in weekly meetings, participate in the achievement program, work on service projects and enjoy various outings throughout the year. Battalion…..because boys will be men.